Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nickelback-Seether-Saving Abel at the Izod Center

Can I just say.... WOW!
Incredible show!
I was fortunate enought to have been given two tickets to see the Nickelback concert at the Izod Center for last night's show!

Awesome seats! Of course this was taken between Seether and Nickelback.. because my camera phone was lousy at taking photos without the lights on!

you be the judge...

My son had to deal with my lack of directional skills driving us there... but once we were there... it was excellent.
We missed most of Saving Abel.. but got there in time to hear the only two songs of theirs that I knew :)
Seether is one of my boys favorite bands... so he was in his glory!
As for Nickelback.... if you didn't have heart condition before the show... you got one at the start of the show... Arena fully lit up, everyone doing their thing (this is when I took my picture of the stage)... out of nowhere... BOOM!!! then the lights kicked off and the band was right out playing! What an attention grabber!
Their song choices were great! Non-scripted audience interaction which you don't see too often.... during the encore... some guy threw money up on stage! (what was he thinking???) The band started playing Money by Pink Floyd... then when the security guy climbed up on stage to pick up the dough... they spotlighted him and started playing strip-tease music while lead singer moaned into the microphone... hysterical... although I am sure seeing it first hand is a lot more comical than reading about it!
We had an awesome time!
Can't remember the last time I went somewhere that "I" wanted to go, not just the kids....
(heck.. even bought myself a shirt!)

Next step.... Ringling Bros. at Madison Square Garden (yup.. won those tickets too! Thanks 'Daily News')

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