Saturday, February 28, 2009

What makes a 7 year old girl scream?

DAVID ARCHULETA!!I was so very lucky to be one of the winners of David Archuleta tickets for his performance at the Starland Ballroom on the 26th in Sayreville, NJ. (Big huge thank you to 94.3 The Point radio station for this one)!
Tickets were sold out. I won two of them! Don't think I have ever seen my little one so excited! Besides waiting on line forever to get in (brr.. was it chilly). Made good conversation with some wonderful families on line! Can we say wall-to-wall screaming girls??? Anyone not familiar with Starland... it is standing room only. So, sadly, my little one is a little short to see over heads. We propped ourselves on the staircase to give her a better view. So we were at the back of the crowd, but room was small enough that you could still see his facial expressions clearly. I was not a huge fan... but must say, he put on a really good show. Really sweet kid! I wish him the best with his career!
Our highlight of the evening.... the guitar player from the opening act walked past us and his sweatjacket sequin scratched my little ones hand! (is that a good or a bad thing?) haha...
wonderful time!!!!
excellent experience!!!!
Made her day!

Now.... onto Nickleback/Seether/Saving Able on Friday with the boy :)

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  1. Congratulations -- I love The Point -- my 7 year-old would be screaming, too. Not to mention, my 13 and 15 year-old ;o)