Sunday, May 31, 2009


Thanks to Hit 106.3 FM radio station, my kiddies and I got to attend the Night of Thrills as Raceway Park in Englishtown.

We had an awesome time! Although my daughters favorite Monster Truck was not there (Scarlet Bandit), she did get some 1-on-1 time getting her shoe signed by Gary Porter, driver for GRAVE DIGGER, and the other shoe signed by Alex Blackwell, driver for CAPTAINS CURSE.
We ended up with a beautiful night, it was warm, clear and sunny when we got there! Little chill set in as the sun went down, but nothing a light jacket couldn't help with!
Parking was free, which is always a plus! and with any children's ticket (which cost $10) you got a free kids meal and entry into some sort of drawing!
Would have to say that next to the Monster Truck action, the Jet Cars are definitely my favorite part of the show, although I always get nervous that something might go wrong and you get blasted with a jet engine.. haha.. but that is just my worrisome mom brain in action!
I think they only do this show once a year, but if you ever have a chance to get out to a show like this... it is well worth it! We all had such a good time!