Friday, April 22, 2016

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

So excited!  
I don't know if you have ever heard of Ebates or thought of using them... 
For a long time I just overlooked it, then last month a friend prompted me to sign up.   I don't do all that much online shopping, but hey, free money?  Has my name written all over it!   

I actually won a gift certificate for and as I prepared to redeem it, I remembered seeing that Ebates gave me money back on certain departments on!   Sweet!   My purchase was free, and then I earned cash back!   I got super excited to learn that once I made that first purchase... I got a $10 Gift Card of my choice!  Even Sweeter!!!   and real... because it just came in the mail! 
 I was so excited over all of this... I called my girlfriend up.   She was just about to order some patio furniture on Amazon...   I referred her to Ebates first... and guess what?    They gifted me a $25 bonus for her referral!!!    So... bottom line is this.... My free gift card to Amazon rewarded me with  $26.93 being deposited into my PayPal Account, plus $10 to spend at WalMart!!    I LOVE IT! 


I also love that Ebates reminds me when I open different websites, that there is a reward waiting for me if I make a purchase!    so no more forgetting!!

Give it a try.... let me know what you think!
As you have seen, I have started to dabble in the idea of cleaning up my eating habits!   Love drinking my cactus water and adding my chia seeds to everything!   

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Come back daily... you can enter the giveaway and I have quite a few other goodies up my sleeve!!  

Friday, April 15, 2016

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Sunday, April 10, 2016


I am a HUGE Pineapple fan.   I love it dearly.   I hate eating it out of a can because I can taste the metal.   I really don't like buying pre-cut from produce market because they usually charge an arm and a leg to cut it up for you.   But to buy a whole pineapple and cut it myself... just not happening.   I can never properly get around that center core.  forget the edges, by the time I get around the skin, make sure none of those little pokey eye things are left on the fruit (they hurt if you get it in the mouth!)  I was only left with a puddle of juice and maybe a few tiny pieces of fruit that I didn't completely destroy!
I have seen these gadgets advertised.  Money is always tight so I could never justify buying one.
I was given an Amazon Gift Card.  What to Buy?  What to Buy?
I need so many things!  I had recently signed up with Ebates (link on sidebar if you never checked it out before) so I checked out which departments in Amazon would give me cash back (love making money when I am spending money).   Anyway... Housewares!   Great!   Let's look through housewares... there it was... 
In all her shining glory....

^(you can find it here)^

So, I bit the bullet and I ordered it!
Can I say AMAZING!   My life will never be the same!  Just cut the top off the pineapple, line it up, and with the easy ratchet handle, I was pulling out my beautifully cut pineapple in about 30 seconds!   No waste!  No juice running off my counter top!  It was beautiful!
Now just so you know, I am not getting paid for my opinions, I purchased the product on my own.  although Ebates and Amazon are affiliate links, all the love is purely my own :)
I really just wanted to share with you my new love for this amazing little gadget!  
My life will never be the same!  

Monday, April 4, 2016

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