MONEY--- ways to Save, Earn or Find it....

If you are anything like me... you are looking for any way to save a couple dollars... or earn a couple dollars,   or best yet... just find a couple dollars!    
This is a list of programs or apps that I have found (and use) to save some jingle in my pocket!
Note...  Items marked with a ** indicate that the link is a referral link.   I would appreciate you going though it, but you are in no way obligated!
Bookmark this page... I will keep updating as I come upon new and interesting opportunities!! These are sites I use and support.  If you have suggestions for me to try... leave me a comment down below!  I love learning new tricks!

1.Ebates **  I highly recommend signing up if you haven't already.  Costs nothing to join.  If you make any online purchases, most likely ebates will offer a rebate on that site.   With your first order (Mine was on Amazon), you will not only receive a percentage back... but they will also gift you a $10 gift card of your choice!!   I don't shop often, but placed two small orders, and had a friend sign up and I earned a total of $36 in my first month!!

2.  WalMart Savings Catcher  a must have!!  you can do online or on mobile app.   After shopping, scan or enter your receipt code.  Walmart will compare prices with competitors and refund you the difference.  You can let it accrue or get it back.  Walmart will issue you a digital gift card that you redeem right at the register.  (I just have them scan bar code right off my phone!)

3. Ibotta  ** I am pretty new to this app.  I registered online and also installed the app.  It is another rebate site.  Before shopping, see if there are any active rebates on the items you need.  Submit receipt  and get cash back!   If you redeem reward in first 2 weeks of signing up, they will gift you an extra $10 within 48 hours!! you can also earn referrals fee for friends who join!

4.  PINCHme  Sample boxes available monthly.  they just ask that you come back onto their sight and answer a few questions on how you liked the products! Exclusive contests offered also.

5.  CrowdTap  got some time to spare? answer simple questions.  share product information. submit creative photographs.   You earn points for each action, which translates into Amazon Gift Cards ($5 increments)  opportunity to win more Amazon on certain submissions.  apply for sample missions.  I have earned $50 in Amazon in past month!

6. Smiley 360  another good site to register with.  they have missions (and twitter parties) and offer some seriously good products to sample for your opinion!

7.  Influenster  review products.  The more active you are, the more sample boxes you receive in exchange for your opinions.  and additional opportunities to participate in twitter parties and exclusive contests.

8. Inspired Opinons  I found this locally, but they are nationwide.  They offer studies and focus groups in your area for decent compensation. I have worked with them for several years.

9. Receipt Hog  app I use frequently as a fun "why not" end-all... when I am done rebating and couponing, I scan the receipt into this app for chance to win prizes.

10. Finagle a quiet little app for your phone that just gives stuff away.  they notify you when new giveaway opens.  you just open app and your in!   I didn't win big.. but I did get a box of Pocky snacks from it!

11. Checkout51 ** another app I love.  you scan through offers, check off what you might be buying, when you come home, scan your receipt and boom.. you get the money right back into your account!

Most of the programs to save you money can overlap.  For instance, you can go on Ibotta and see what rebates are available at Walmart.  You can clip coupons or use ones you got with your free samples :)  you can now go shopping!  Once you check out, scan your Walmart receipt into the savings catcher and then open Receipt Hog and scan it in there too!  You save all the way around! 

here are some sites I connect with to help make money blogging!

1.  IZEA  they have a free version and an upgraded version.  Highly recommend manually checking site regularly for opportunities.  I seldom get emails.

2. iConnect  was able to get work pretty quick without huge blog stats.

3. Tomoson is a great site to get products to start reviewing.  (need Amazon Prime to get free shipping on the items though)  I received over $800 in merchandise my first month in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Thanks so much for putting together this list. I don't think I'd heard of CrowdTap before, but I'm interested in learning more about it! One that I'm disappointed with is Receipt Hog. I've had it for quite a long time, and I haven't gotten anything at all from it. I've found that it's more of a chore than anything else, to photograph receipts that are sometimes really long. But I keep it on my phone, thinking or hoping that some day it'll pay off. Thanks again for the post!

    1. i feel the same way about Receipt Hog... but figure... might as well scan... you never know!

  2. I am all for saving money whenever I can. Most of these things I didn't know about. Thank you so much for sharing