Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ch Ch Ch Chia....   
haha... okay... so I was sitting in a twitter party one day listening to everyone eating healthy as I casually inhaled a Devil Dog.... the idea sounds good... but not all that easy of a transition!  I got to speaking with the author of a clean eating cookbook who overcame significant health issues by changing her diet!  SOLD!   I feel disgusting...  I know.. at almost 100 lbs in a year, I should!  But no, I feel disgusting.   My knees hurt, like don't want to bend and if you do, you sure as hell aren't getting back up without using your arms to pull you...  not to mention, lethargy, constant desire to stick something in my mouth, and..   shhh...  a lot of flatulence (but that is our little secret)   
The woman recommended Chia Seeds.  Loaded in fiber and Omega3, it would help with my constant hunger, and is an excellent anti-inflamatory.    So, off the the store I went!
I have tried it mixed in yogurt.  More frequently i just soak in a glass of water or juice overnight and start my day with it in the morning.  
Yesterday, after winning a 1lb bag from Organic Vegan Superfoods, (who I highly recommend for outstanding personalized service, totally reasonable price and their Seeds are Certified Organic and Non-GMO which are both really important to me) anyway,   I was quick to hop on Twitter to thank them, when I caught a glimpse of a recipe for a Tropical Pudding..  Hmmm...  happen to have the stuff here, so why not!    It tasted delicious, but I am afraid I messed up somewhere along the lines because it was very watery...
Today... we made a Brenda Original (aka whatever I could find in the house)
In a blender I combined
1 container of Toasted Coconut OIKOS Greek Yogurt, 
half banana, 
about 10 frozen blueberries,
a pour of Almond Milk (not sure how much... enough to give my seeds something to absorb)
and about 2 TBS of Chia Seeds...     It is currently sitting in my fridge patiently waiting for morning, but it might not make it that long...  I took a test..   OUTSTANDING!!

I must confess... I have only used the seeds for about 9 days... But...(no medical claims) my knees feel great! Still need serious exercise, but they don't hurt (or click like they were)... system is running smoothly!  I have had NO desire to even touch another Devil Dog (although I am not perfect!)  and as for our little secret...   NONE!!   I am amazed!   Thank goodness I sat in on that twitter party...  or I wouldn't feel the way that I do today!  

(BTW.. I was not compensated anything to give my opinion, I won a free bag of Seeds in a contest and felt inspired to tell you all about it!)

Monday, March 28, 2016

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

OK... here we go again :)
I started this blog adventure quite some time ago, then let life get in the way!
I recently stumbled back upon my page and decided... hmm.. lets do this.  
I am opening a new chapter in my life.  My oldest child is now out of the house, and my youngest is a freshman in highschool... (I did not age).
My life mirrors that of one of the greatest Roller Coasters ever!  Right now, we are on the incline!
Two years ago I became a distributor with It Works Global (network marketing), it was the best possible thing I could have done for myself.  I was emotionally at the bottom of the barrel, and the people I met and the confidence my products gave me were a huge asset to where I was in life!  But... (and there is always a but)...  I moved into an apartment that ended up being a hell-hole (that is an understatement)  I got quite sick, various skin irritations, lethargy, significant weight gain, brain fog... the list goes on....   needless to say, in the 15 months I lived there, I gained almost 100 lbs!  I am disgusted with myself.  I sell an amazing health product and a wrap that can tighten tone and firm, but I wasn't going to waste my efforts when the house was going to kill me anyway...
On to today...
I moved!   YEAH!!!   I am no longer in that environment!  Now to pick up my pieces, get myself on track.. and, well.... even pick my blog back up to track my everyday stuff...

Today I stood on the scale.... I am not happy!!!
We are seriously going to work on that!!