Thursday, March 24, 2016

OK... here we go again :)
I started this blog adventure quite some time ago, then let life get in the way!
I recently stumbled back upon my page and decided... hmm.. lets do this.  
I am opening a new chapter in my life.  My oldest child is now out of the house, and my youngest is a freshman in highschool... (I did not age).
My life mirrors that of one of the greatest Roller Coasters ever!  Right now, we are on the incline!
Two years ago I became a distributor with It Works Global (network marketing), it was the best possible thing I could have done for myself.  I was emotionally at the bottom of the barrel, and the people I met and the confidence my products gave me were a huge asset to where I was in life!  But... (and there is always a but)...  I moved into an apartment that ended up being a hell-hole (that is an understatement)  I got quite sick, various skin irritations, lethargy, significant weight gain, brain fog... the list goes on....   needless to say, in the 15 months I lived there, I gained almost 100 lbs!  I am disgusted with myself.  I sell an amazing health product and a wrap that can tighten tone and firm, but I wasn't going to waste my efforts when the house was going to kill me anyway...
On to today...
I moved!   YEAH!!!   I am no longer in that environment!  Now to pick up my pieces, get myself on track.. and, well.... even pick my blog back up to track my everyday stuff...

Today I stood on the scale.... I am not happy!!!
We are seriously going to work on that!! 

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  1. Welcome back and good luck with the weight loss!