Thursday, March 26, 2009

NATHANS.... the original

We had the pleasure last weekend of another one of my friend's "road-trips". See, I have lived in New Jersey for almost my entire life. Currently I live where I can look out my back door and see the Outer Bridge Crossing from across the Bay.... Convenient huh? Think I have gone to New York alot in my 36 years? NOT! haha... I can count on my fingers, don't even need my toes... for how many trips to the city I have made. At 12 years old to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City, at 22ish to see the tree in Rockefeller, around same time I went to boat show at Javits Center, by photo in previous post, last year to see the tree at Rockefeller, and most recently to Madison Square Garden to trade in ticket vouchers for actual tickets to see Ringling Bros Circus this upcoming weekend. Then I realized... no only have I rarely visited the city... but I have ONLY taken in the sights of Manhattan.... So it is my friend's intention(Long Island Nativehimself) to expose me to the 5 boroughs :)
This past weekend.... Brooklyn (via Staten Island... don't know if that counts).
We took the kids to the New York Aquarium, took a brief (very cold walk along the Coney Island boardwalk (for most part all closed up this time of year)... then NATHANS! The Original! Couldn't very well take in a trip to Coney Island with out a Hot Dog. I know, they are all over the place these days... but had to visit the mother-ship!
Some of the locals were laughing at my friend as he snapped this picture of me and the kids, but trust me when I tell you... we certainly were not the only ones snapping pictures at Nathans! 8664bbaa8f21f1a65dd042930b0fcb28e66cdd6eaea6ca2e66

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