Friday, March 13, 2009


OK. I am sure I am like a lot of you where you kind of squirm at the idea of ordering clothing or shoes online.. right? What if it doesn't fit? Not like buying something at the local store down the road, where you just bring your receipt back in and exchange it!

Well... for my job, I have to have black slip resistant shoes. Due to my standing all day, I prefer them to be sneakers. Thanks to genetics, I wear a womens size 11 which NO ONE seems to carry in anything that I need!
I found Skechers makes wonderful slip resistant sneakers in my size... problem? Finding my size in the stores, not even the local Skechers outlet store by me ever has 11's in stock.

So I google the shoes that I am looking for... narrow down to the place with the cheapest price ... ZAPPOS.COM and to my surprise... FREE SHIPPING! what a bonus perk.. because I always hate when you think you are paying one price and by the time the fees get added on, you are $10 more than expected.... better yet.. they even offer FREE return shipping if item does not fit!!!

Okay, so now I am ready to make the move. Actually purchase something online. Something that might not fit... oh heck... (click) done. Sent the order through. Now I wait...
Very quick shipping! I am impressed. Try them on... Even more impressed... they fit!
Whoo Hoo for me! I did it. I am happy...

Now... 2 weeks after wearing sneakers... the main seam on side of shoe opens up!
OH NO!!! now what?? I have had good luck with these shoes before, so I know it is just an oops in manufacturing...

I go back to the ZAPPOS.COM web site because I threw all my information out... and there is all my order information with a convenient little button to process your return. Will they return them? I have worn them for two weeks! So I notice this little "LIVE CHAT" button on their sidebar.
Click... and immediately I have Taisha on the the other end of the chat.
Hello Taisha.. this is my problem... what can I do?

I really expected to have to fight for the return... or worse yet, knowing that I NEED these shoes for work, which means I will have to run out to Payless or something and buy a cheap pair to make it through the transition time... WRONG!!!

Taisha informed me that I just click on the process return button. Print out the return UPS label, and send the product back. But wait.. that's not all.. They are shipping my replacement out TODAY! (friday) and I will have them by MONDAY! Incredible. Then they ask that within two weeks i return the defective pair... How incredible is that? I don't have to buy another pair in the meantime!
They don't argue over the return, and even pay for it. Trusting that I return the other pair after they give me the new pair!

But wait.. that's not all.... I am now upgraded to VIP status! which means bonus perks next time I shop ZAPPOS.COM

What do I have to say about this?


I have never trusted ordering clothing/shoes online before. Your company goes well above and beyond what I could have ever expected! Great prices, free shipping, AWESOME return policy!
You have made a customer for life!!!

I definitely recommend ZAPPOS.COM to everyone!!

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