Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ringling Brothers.... little disappointed

Today we had our date with the elephants! We went to the Ringling Brothers show at Madison Square Garden. I can say I don't think it was the Greatest Show on Earth...It was an experience. It was entertaining. But I was not "wow'd" I would say the elephants and the acrobats were the best part of the show. How (let alone why) those woman hang from long strands of flowing fabric from the ceiling and twist, turn, spin that high in the air.... Or when they rely on the other acrobat to actually "hold" them in the air as they twist and turn! Amazing! The tigers were cute, but didn't do anything spectacular, and before you knew it, they were packing them up. The horses were beautiful, but their zebra counterparts didn't impress either.

So, all in all... we had a very enjoyable day out. But in no hurry to rush off and see the show again!
Sure did tucker the little girl out!

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