Friday, July 22, 2016

So excited to have received a package of  Stainless Steel re-useable drinking straws from Vicsou!   I am trying really hard to be thoughtful of the environment.  This is one way that I am keeping my stuff out of the landfill!   They are durable, nontoxic, BPA and Lead FREE!  (that is big in my book) They are also rust and scratch proof with no metal taste!   
This set came with both straight and bent straws so they fit into almost any drink situation.  I was even more excited to see the cleaning brushes... you know we all have those "items" in the kitchen that just can't get cleaned properly.  That is how I always felt about my sport bottle straws. 

Each straw is 10.5 inches so they are compatable with most major drink cups including Yeti, Starbucks & Tervis!   I have yet to try them on hot liquids, but I absolutely love adding them to my frozen cocktails!   Keeps the drink frosty all the way up!
We sampled with some Frozen Coffee Smoothies.   I drink right from the blender bottle, my daughter likes to feel special and use my industrial size wine glass (no judgement.. haha)

 These are available on Amazon for only $11.95

If you have Prime, or sign up for the 30day free trial, you will even get free shipping!!
I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion 

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