InstaNatural Glycolic Facial Cleanser 

I received a bottle of InstaNatural Glycolic Facial Cleanser to try.  I am all about finding something that will work on clearing up my face without drying it out or causing a break out....  

FIRST:  Poured a little bit of cleanser into my hands.  Not too thick, Not too runny.  No fragrance, but you can smell the soap itself, which if fine with me... I hate putting smells on my face!

 SECOND:  Lather... or rather.. no lather!  Again, making me happy, because most cleaners use chemicals to help it foam up.  I would rather know I am getting clean over feeling bubbles!

 THIRD:  Application.  Goes on easily, slight lather once you work it in.  Feels Great!

 FOURTH:  Rinsed off very easily! (although I did splash a tiny bit into my eye which burned a little, but was my own bad judgement!)

RESULTS:  My face felt great!   It was soft and hydrated.  Did not cause any irritation or break out. 

I quick added it to my shelf in the shower... Looks like I found a new daily face wash!   Replacing the wash I picked up at the health food store!  

You can pick up a bottle on Amazon :   HERE 

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  • ESSENTIAL ACNE BREAKOUT CONTROL - InstaNatural's Glycolic Cleanser works hard to clear skin cells that tend to linger on the skin, which can lead to dulling buildup, pore irritation, blackheads and overall redness. Daily use morning, night or both, will address these problems and leave your skin looking clear and radiant.
  • POWERFUL AGING DEFENSE & ERASER - With the power of an advanced vitamin blend, this product cleanses while supporting healthy collagen production thanks to the firming action of key ingredients like Arginine. This helps fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles even in troubled areas like around the eyes for ultimate beauty benefits.
  • BEST EXFOLIATING SKIN CARE FORMULA - With a formula made to effectively cleanse the skin and brush off excess oil and dulling skin cells, you'll notice a brightening effect on any discoloration on your face. In its work to exfoliate, this cleanser gives you an age-defying boost you don't typically see in other cleansers.
  • GENTLE & SOOTHING FOR AN AGELESS LOOK - With additions such as Vitamin E, this cleanser works as a gentle scrub that won't dry, irritate or detract from your natural radiance while it restores your appearance with youth. Natural minerals make the difference when it comes to seeing the before and after results you want to renew your skin.
  • NATURAL, PROFESSIONAL & PURE INGREDIENTS - InstaNatural uses only the highest quality and most effective formulas in their products. Your skin will also receive antioxidant protection and support to help guard against daily aggressors like UV radiation. With the perfect balance of essentials, this cleanser works like a miracle for both men and women of all ages.

I received this product free in exhange for my honest and unbiased opinion

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