XLUX S60 Solar Stair Step Light

Check out these cute LED Solar powered Stair lights!  I have been trying to watch my electric bill, and illuminating my exterior seems like a great place to start.  Not having to keep a porch light on all the time will be a huge saver for me!   These lights were a lot smaller than I imagined  (3.9x3.3 inches).  For being small, they  pack a powerful punch! 0.12W LED power 10-12 Lumen.   Each contains a rechargeable AAA battery that is replaceable if your charge becomes low (they say in about a year's time). They are also completely waterproof and illuminate for 6-8 hours depending on the amount of sunlight during the day!  

Each light is attached via 2 screws and is easily removed for later battery replacement, or to turn from "auto" to "off" should the need arise.  So I grabbed the tools i had on hand and went to work!  They recommend a drill, but I don't own one so I resort to the old fashioned hammer in a nail to prime.  Remove the nail and insert the screw....   HOWEVER... either I am just way too strong, or the quality of the screw was extremely low.   Because the entire screw head just fell off...   oh well...  off to the hardware store I go!   The screw in no way represents the quality of the light itself!    I have the 2-pack of lights, they do offer a larger pack for more stairs, or longer walkway.   I only have 3 steps on my front deck, so this is more than adequate!   It puts off so much light at night!!    I am extremely happy with these lights, and now... I can stop turning on the porch light!  (which makes me even happier!)

You can find these solar lights and more over on Amazon:  HERE

I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion 

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